(in development for 2021)

Currently in development with the support of Battersea Arts Centre, Dynamite Island’s eponymous new live project is a music-theatre show about care, creativity and camaraderie in the age of hyper-individualism.

Faced with the increasing demands of everyday life — to be productive, to realise your potential, to be yourself — four performers (and real-life friends) attempt to help each other the only way they know how: by writing each other songs to sing, dances to dance, and speeches to deliver.

Through this increasingly dense web of commissions, gifts and tribute acts, the ensemble enlists the audience’s help in a multi-dimensional exploration of 21st-century friendship, the history of self-help, the future of mutual aid, and the role of music in teaching us how to live.

Dynamite Island’s Dynamite Island is equal parts religious revival, wellness retreat and hen weekend, but with synthesisers.

Created in collaboration with singer and performance-maker Catherine Carter